Dating safe gaurd review

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He would kill her tonight, and then he would find another girl.Shannon shuddered into conciousness to a view of boots, legs, and the bottom of what looked like a black leather smock.The girl's tear-strained eyes widedened as her body began to shake, knowing what came with those sounds.Shannon began to sob violently, wheezing more than crying, her throat dry from abuse and dehydration.She felt three cold rings of metal accompanied by a pair of wet and violent lips sliding over her, stopping at the fold of her neck to bite down hard enough to make tears well up.

She bit down on her tongue at the impact, screaming out a mouthful of agony and blood.

Her lips quivered as she whispered, begging him to just end it.

She cried openly, letting him facefuck her, his fingers wrenching handfuls of platinum hair off her head while he did.

Thick steel chains hooked not only around her hands, but through them, thick 4 gauge hoops peircing straight through her palms in some sick parody of a crucifixion.

Her legs were spread wide apart with a long metal pipe between them, attached to another chain which was hooked to the loop above the entire thing, forcing her legs to be both split and bent painfully upwards.

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