Formview itemupdating example

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You can also place this value in a bound control, as we’ll see in a minute. First, you can only use the parameter method if there are no controls bound to this field.

If there are any, the parameter’s default value will be replaced by the value in the control. Otherwise when you update without specifying a value, the data in the database will be overwritten by the default.

Built-in commands include Insert, Update, Delete, Edit, and Cancel.

If you are using a container such as a Data Grid or a Data List, you can customize these commands by adding an event handler: But what if, instead of redefining the standard command, you want to create your own?

The Edit Item Template will contain Text Box controls by default.

The Text Box controls provide basic data entry support for editing a record.

Here are the steps: The last steps require that you bind the Data Text Field and Data Value Field properties to the Customer IDData Source and the Selected Value to the original source's Customer ID.

The Drop Down List should be configured to look like the ASP. The Data Source ID for the Drop Down List points at Customer IDData Source.

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For example, if you are uploading a file using the File Upload control, you can modify the Update command to save it in the database, or you may want to record the time each record is modified and the username of the person who modified it. Let’s look at how to handle some of the standard commands, using the Form View as an example.Cancel is an exception; to implement this command, run Form View.Data Bind to replace any changed fields with the values retrieved from the database. Let’s take a look at it first, then I’ll explain later: So – the first step is the create a button or link button invoking your custom command, in this case a command to retire an application.Since this particular challenge wasn't on my radar I provided him with a workable solution, but thought a better solution was possible.This article provides a comprehensive solution for defining an edit template in a Form View. The Form View is a binding control like the Grid View, except where the Grid View shows multiple rows of data and the Form View shows one record at a time in a form layout.

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