Im dating a stripper

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An informal dressing room survey did show 100 percent of us have been in this situation, though. In the club, this is the guy who thinks it’s cool to hang out and watch for free and doesn’t tip the bartender or waitress.

He’s probably only there because a friend paid his cover and bought his drinks.

I’d rather deal with all the other four types on this list combined before I deal with anyone’s repeated inability to get it up, premature ejaculation, or nonexistent/incompatible sex drive.

Hear me when I tell you that unresolved bedroom issues never stay there.

As customers, these guys say things like, “If you were my woman, I’d never let you do this.” I don’t want to know what else he doesn’t think he would “let his woman” do.

He might make a show about being above something as base as sexual desire, to which I say take that monastic act to a monastery. Find one of those millions of men who want to please, and tell the other guy to call you after he’s done with therapy. At first, his anger may manifest as sarcastic wit, and you might think, “Wow, what a funny guy!

The Deadbeat: The number one stripper boyfriend stereotype is the guy who’s living off of his girlfriend’s lapdance money.

Still, supporting a deadbeat boyfriend is not strictly the domain of sex workers.

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