Who is julian lennon dating

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John, and now Julian, denied that his kaleidoscopic Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds had anything to do with LSD.One thing Lennon couldn’t deny was the disintegration of his marriage.1 hit, Please Please Me, and their second, From Me to You.Two decades later his name, face and eerily familiar voice stir memories—and occasionally action.“He just said, ‘Sing naturally, wherever the feeling takes you.’ I didn’t think, ‘Oh, sorry, I hit a note that sounds like Michael Jackson.

Privately he often displays his father’s acid sarcasm and is known to his friends as a prankster with a penchant for racing around London in disguises. “People just think, ‘Why is that man’s mustache falling off?

I write from watching—and from a bit of self-experience.” He becomes less guarded only with a small circle of friends, and with his mother, Cynthia, who has married twice since Lennon.

He’s especially pleased that she’s happy with his success: “She enjoys it immensely.

Having seen pictures of the fan reaction to his dad’s band two decades ago, Julian, a pale young man with one dangling earring and a soft North Wales accent, says he’s in no hurry to “get big.” What he’s after, he insists, taking yet another drag on a cigarette, is “more the recognition for the music than the fame.” Valotte, most critics agree, is an important step toward establishing that musical credibility, and the public seems to concur: The LP is nestled snugly in the Top 20, and its sweetly affectionate title track, released as a single, climbed even higher.

The tunes on Valotte—named for the remote French chateau where they were written last year—are lyrically simple and confessional, much like John Lennon’s music during his introspective Imagine years.

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